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       Red Neck's         Subs And Sandwiches
     And Beef Jerky


For More Info On Wholesale Subs And Sandwichs
                   Call 306 4800-0000

 On The Move And Hungry Pick up A Fresh Sub Sandwich or Ribs From Convience Stores,Garages or where ever Subs and Sandwiches are sold.

  The Freshest You Will Ever Eat

     Subs Available

                   -Ham And Cheese

                   -Roast Beef

                   -Donair Sub

                   -Hoggie Sub


    Sandwichs Available

                   -Ham And Cheese

                   -Roast Beef

                   -Egg Salad

                   -Italian Sandwich

    Rib Availabe  

                         -Hickory Smoked Ribs

                         -Riblets Deep Fryed

                   -Beef Jerky

                   -Trail Mix


                  -Hambuger $3.10 Retail $5.00

                  ​-Hot Dog All Beef $1.10 Retail $2.50

                          Wholesale pricing


                 -Donair Sub $5.25 Retail $7.75

                 -Ham & Cheese $4.50 Retail $6.50

                 -Roast Beef $5.00 Retail $7.00

                 -Hoagie Sub $5.50 Retail $7.50

                 -Chicken Ham Cheese Club $5.50 Ret $7.50


                 -Egg Salad $3.00 Retail $5.00

                 -Ham & Cheese $3.00 Retail $5.00

                 -Roast Beef $3.25 Retail $5.50

                 -Italian Sandwich $5.00 4 Meat, Cheese, Pickels

             Made On A Large Hamburger Bun Retail $6.25

                -Garden Salad $3.00 Retail $5.50

                -Chef Salad $3.50 Retail $6.00

                -Taco Salad $3.50 Retail $6.00

                -Hickory Smoked Ribs $7.00 Retail $9.00

                -Riblets Deep Fryed $3.50 Retail $5.50

    New Beef Jerky And Trail Mix

               -Beef Jerky $4.25 70g Retail $6.00

               -Trail Mix $4.25 140g Retail $5.75

 Red Necks Award Winning Beef Jerky

Red Necks Beef Jerky Is Made From AAA Canadian Beef

                              Try Some Today

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